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Albenton Limited is 360 degree marketing firm registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a limited liability in 2005. We are an independent film and video production company that market and distribute African short and feature-length films, series and documentaries both online and on terrestrial TV. We produce and film our own television content, as well as make custom-made programs and series for TV stations and organizations.

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Unblissful is a romance thriller showing the lives and sarcastic travails of two frustrated adults, Raymond Citizen, an insurance marketer, and Jeffa Adolo a beautiful but out-of-job journalist, both desire to break out of jinx which surround their personal and professional lives. Raymond Citizen has been a yes-boy too often, too long, and has taken it all in the hope that one day, he will find his grace and be free. Fed up with life of saying yes to everyone, he embarks on an odd psychological venture that he believes could help him become a man that is answered to, instead of being the one answering to everyone. In his quest, he meets Jeffa Adolo, a popular but controversial, former journalist whom no one will no longer work with because she spells trouble wherever she goes. Jeffa, broke and frustrated, seeks something new and exciting to make money and keep her professional sanity, hence curiously gets involved in a venture that gets her to sign a funny 3 month marriage deal with an unknown Raymond in attempt to get a top-rated story to re-launch her career. The binding contract makes Raymond the husband and boss in the marriage, and by the rule of the marriage, Jeffa the wife must not refuse him anything. Neither can any of the parties get out of the marriage until the contract lapses. Sooner than expected, the house becomes a war room where strategies are laid forth for execution.

Awoyaju is the story of a young man who lives in the city and in the village. Awoyaju's uncle took him to an old man to learn about the culture (ifa), which he learnt for a half a period of time without paying necessary attention to details. After that, he was eventually chased away by his master, but before he left, he stole some of the possessions of his master and used it to practice being an IFA priest on his own. He started defrauding people and became proud. His pride did him no good but led him to a disgraceful end.
In an Urhobo community lived a single mother OYOMA, stigmatized as an Ogbanje by people because of the way she falls sick is been tormented and threatened because of the mystical death of her parents which people believed awaits her. She was also tormented by her stepmother who saw her as a threat to her children's healthy nature. A youth Corper who is also a medical doctor (Patrick Inyang), serving in that community became her close friend. In the course of their friendship, he found out that she was actually not an Ogbanje but was suffering from sickle cell Anemia. He tried his best to help her and also correct the bad impression of her. After his youth service, he went back to Lagos with her picture on his phone and one day his friend who runs a modelling agency saw her picture and requested to use her for jobs. She became a local and international model afterwards and fell in love with a doctor who couldn’t reciprocate her love because he was about getting married and also suffers an ailment which was unknown to her. WHAT HAPPENS NXT.........
Florence, a mother of four is married to a husband that cheats, drink and has a lot of bad habits. She takes up all the responsibility in the house due to the lack of seriousness of her husband. Daniel, Florence son had an accident which resulted in blindness, she spent a lot of money on him and had to resign from her job. Eventually, her husband sends her packing with the children and got married to another wife. Life became very hard for Florence and the children as they squatted with Florence's younger brother but due to the wife non-acceptance, they left, after Khadija, Florence friend advised she rent an apartment, and promised to support her with money to start a trade. Florence suffered a lot over her children, she got lured into prostitution, did menial jobs to raise money and faced other challenges and in the process, had a chronic ulcer. Will she survive this sickness or not? Sit back and enjoy......
PURE CHANCES is a drama involving Ranti Braimoh, a 14-year-old teenager who daily and painfully watches as his father gradually turns from a loving husband and caring man to a monster who beats his wife and mother of his son with frightening ferocity. The loss of his job makes Ranti's father a bitter and sadistic man, hence he uses his wife's complaint as an excuse to unleash his frustration. The family becomes a butt of dirty jokes and mockery in the neighbourhood and no one feels it more than Ranti whose anger is constantly checked by his faithful mother. Things get bad, Ranti's mother dies during a night of scuffle. Ranti blames his father and runs away from home. After a little misadventure, Ranti gets a job as an assistant in a laundry business, thus making the place his office and home. Though Ranti sees a lot of vices that earn better money on the streets, he chooses not to be drawn in as Shakira intends to do when they meet. Shakira, a notorious street girl and pickpocket, by chance becomes his friend and nemesis, and even his grace. Ranti's heroic act puts him in trouble and almost leads to his death for a crime committed by Shakira. His good nature gets him into Bode Oladipupo's grace, a client who likes his honesty and diligence. Ranti returns to school, and though Shakira remains a thorn in his flesh, his good nature prevails and finally helps turn the bad girl around, changing for the better.

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Albenton Limited is 360 degree marketing firm registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are an independent film and video production company that market and distribute African short and feature-length films, series and documentaries both online and on terrestrial TV.